About Reveni

A team that makes possible turning returns and exchanges into an opportunity for ecommerce

Reveni was born with a clear objective: to be the fintech partner that will allow ecommerce to automate their returns and exchanges and at the same time allow customers to enjoy a more agile and simple process. And the best part? Without having to assume any risk.

Our values

Go above and beyond

We think big. We have passion and we are ambitious in our goals as we see already how we're able to change the way returns work in ecommerce and customer behaviour.

We work hard and don’t settle for anything less than excellence

For us, “this is not possible” is never an answer to a challenge. Instead we ask ourselves: “what do we need to do to solve it?”

Be human and care

Great achievements are not made individually, they are made as a team.

We support each other when things are challenging and we carry each other at all times.

We take care of each and every colleague and by default, we always think the best of each other. “We” always goes before “I”.

Be comfortable with the uncomfortable

We know that we can't know it all but enjoy walking the path towards knowing. Curiosity is one of our superpowers.

We are proactive when solving problems and we find smart and creative solutions to them, always keeping an open mind to new ideas. We don’t complain about problems, we always look for solutions.

Don’t take yourself too seriously

We are all professionals and we don’t behave like divas!

We have strong self-esteem which makes us comfortable with being vulnerable in the right situations.

We are humble and grounded, optimistic and trust builders, particularly when times are tough. We love to have fun and send good vibes to those around us.

Meet our executive team

A team that puts all its enthusiasm and passion into having the best team capable of developing the returns and exchanges solution that will revolutionise the ecommerce sector.

Fernando Pedraz

Every CEO has a price. His is a good coffee with (lots of) ice. Or failing that, a cooler.

Pablo Molinero

Few people order pizzas for so many people with so much detail. He puts up neon lights and shelves in the office. And in his spare time he is COO.

Gonzalo Martín

As a good CTO, he has the codes under control, not only the programming codes, but also those of Ikea's product references.

Surrounded by the best

During this adventure we have the support of the best advisors in the fintech environment.

Matt Purt

Founder & CEO Secret Sales

Simon Forster

CEO & Retail Advisor

Jorge Bestard

Head of EMEA Canva

José Antonio Barrionuevo

CFO British Airways

Fernando Cabello-Astolfi

Founder & ex-CEO Aplazame
Founder & CEO Devengo

Reveni in the media

"We have a very clear mission: to turn returns, which are now a headache for brands and their customers, into a key sales and customer loyalty tool".

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“Reveni does not increase returns, because nobody
wants to return a product. In they do return a product, it's because it doesn't fit or because they bracket, which is when a user buys three products in three sizes and returns the ones that don't fit.”

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"South Summit has made public the list of 100 startups that will compete to become the winner of the event. Among those selected are Fossa Systems, Bcas, Reveni, Recovo, Sepiia and Platanomelón".

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Every effort has its reward

Winners of the fourth edition of the Fashion Startup Contest, an initiative developed by Modaes and Mango StartUp Studios
Startup Most Innovative 2024 at Atelier Innovation Fashion Day by ISEM Fashion Business School
Finalists in Visa's accelerator program 2023
Finalists in the fintech category at South Summit 2023
Winner ORACLE Trophy: Banking & Insurance at The Scale-Up! World Summit within the Digital Enterprise Show 2023
Notion Capital included us in their "The Cloud Challengers Top 100" report

Our people

"At Reveni we have built a culture that makes me proud to be where I am. Everything I do is highly valued and the support and good vibes with my bosses and colleagues is constant. I am very excited on Sundays to find out what we will be doing the following week; it says a lot about how much fun I have at work."

Paloma, Senior Data Scientist

"I am super motivated and excited to be part of this team. The atmosphere we have created is wonderful, and it makes me feel at home. It's gratifying to see how we move forward and improve day by day, knowing that we are creating a good product and doing things right."

Miguel, Frontend Engineer

"At Reveni, good atmosphere and flexibility bring us together, no matter the distance. Games, meetings and trips strengthen our bonds. Every mistake is a lesson that drives us to grow together. I am proud to be part of this great family and excited for the future that awaits us."

Sergio Zamarro, Senior Frontend Developer

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