Maximize the unit profitability of your ecommerce by optimizing your reverse logistics

It's time to expand your business, and we're here to help you deliver an amazing post-sale experience.

Reveni helps you enhance your logistics operations and turn returns and exchanges into new sales

We partner with you as your reverse logistics provider, syncing in real time with your stock to automate your return and exchange process.

This offers a memorable experience to your customers and streamlines the daily work of your teams, all while boosting your brand's profitability.


Repurchase rate. Boost customer loyalty with an improved post-sale experience.


Faster repurchase speed. Make it easy for your customers to buy from you again, in less time.


Purchases per customer. Encourage repeat purchases and build a loyal customer base for your brand.


Increase in average order value. Offer products that match customer preferences during the return and exchange process.

Why Reveni

The most complete platform

Automate and manage your reverse logistics from start to finish with our solutions for returns, exchanges, and logistics.

International operations

Activate our solution in your ecommerce platform and allow customers from all over the world to make their returns and exchanges more flexible.

Make data-driven decisions

Use return and exchange data to make decisions about your production, logistics, and management to enhance your overall operations.

Quick and easy: Reveni on your ecommerce

We work with numerous partners to facilitate a fast and easy activation without adding stress to you. Whatever your platform we can integrate seamlessly.

Boost customer loyalty

Offer an exceptional post-sale experience and increase repeat purchases in your e-commerce.

All your stock under control

We sync with your stock in real time to offer your customers the product they want when they request a return or exchange.

Customer love stories

"Since we placed a stronger focus on apparel and also emphasized recurrence through loyalty programs and tools like Reveni, we increased our repeat purchase rate from 8% to 30%.”

Pablo Recuenco

CEO & Co-founder


Repurchase ratio

“Today, we’ve seen our repurchase rate increase by 13% among those customers who request an instant refund. In fact, nearly 50% of these customers who request an instant refund return to make a purchase within 24 hours.”

Elena Pérez

Ecommerce Manager


Recurring customers in less than 24 hours

“Previously, we received negative feedback regarding our returns and exchanges process. Now, those have turned into very positive reviews for the service we offer, which greatly enhances repurchase rates.”

Fede Sainz de Robles

CEO & Founder

"Building customer loyalty and generating a community, a customer base loyal to our brand and our philosophy, became a priority for us. And we knew that to achieve this we had to have a returns process in line with our customers' expectations. Before working with Reveni, when a person requested a refund, the repurchase rate in this case was 5%. Since working with Reveni, that figure has increased to 12%."

Marta Meseguer



Repurchase ratio

"As we grew, so did our returns. As a result, we were often unable to offer a returns process that met our customers' expectations. With Reveni we have transformed a bad experience into an exceptional experience, having much more satisfied customers that we have managed to build loyalty."

Jorge Vidri



Average purchases per customer


Repurchase ratio


Of sales equivalent generated

“Implementing Reveni significantly reduced manual operations associated with processing returns and refunds. Automation saves time and labour costs, allowing me and my team to focus on more value-added tasks.”

Agnese D.

Operations Director

"With Reveni and its instant refund we offer a much simpler and faster process for domestic and international returns, reducing the noise generated in the customer service team with questions related to "where is my refund"."

Nico Soto

Ecommerce Manager


Saved on return handling a month


Less time spent on returns

We work hand in hand with the best partners to offer you the best experience.

We seamlessly integrate with the main providers in the industry so that your returns and exchanges become opportunities. It's that easy.



What is Reveni?

Reveni is a solution that helps ecommerce companies offer an exceptional experience in their returns and exchanges process thanks to instant refunds and exchanges.

How long does it take for a customer to receive their refund?

If they choose the instant refund option, the customer will have their money back in as little as 6 seconds.

How quickly can I activate Reveni?

The activation process is simple and quick, so you can start offering flexible returns and exchanges to your customers in just a few hours.

Can I tailor the returns portal to my brand?

Yes, you can customise various aspects to offer a look and feel totally in line with your brand image.

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