Increase your sales with the best returns and exchanges experience

Enhance customer loyalty with instant refunds and reduce your returns with instant exchanges and store credit.


Your customer chooses the product(s) they want to return or exchange and decides which return method they prefer.


Offer the option of an instant refund or instant exchange.


The customer receives their money in seconds to repurchase again immediately or whenever they choose.

The product is returned by the customer following your standard process and, if for any reason the item is not returned, we assume any associated risk with that order.

Using Reveni allows you to transform returns into a tool that will actually support increased sales.


Repurchase rate. Increase your customers' chance of returning to your store and faster.


Purchase frequency. Your customers will purchase more often from you if you refund them faster.


Increase in average ticket. By enhancing customer confidence you increase purchasing.


Increase in customer profitability with instant refund vs. original payment method.

Why our clients choose us

The biggest platform, thanks to your trust

Thousands of users have used Reveni to make their returns and exchanges far more efficiently in more than 100 ecommerce.

We adapt to your needs

Depending on your preferences and objectives, we adjust our solution to offer you the best returns and exchanges process.

We are international

Activate our solution in your ecommerce platform and allow customers from all over the world to make their returns and exchanges more flexible.

Your returns, without risk for you

Based on our data model, we analyse and check every application. And in case of fraud, we take it on ourselves.

Customised portal

Our solution aligns with your brand image to make your returns portal look and feel like the rest of your eCommerce experience.

Quick and easy: activate Reveni on your ecommerce

We work with numerous partners to facilitate a fast and easy activation without adding stress to you. Whatever your platform we can integrate seamlessly.

We work hand in hand with the best partners to offer you the best experience.

We seamlessly integrate with the main providers in the industry so that your returns and exchanges become opportunities. It's that easy.


Customer love stories

"Building customer loyalty and generating a community, a customer base loyal to our brand and our philosophy, became a priority for us. And we knew that to achieve this we had to have a returns process in line with our customers' expectations. Before working with Reveni, when a person requested a refund, the repurchase rate in this case was 5%. Since working with Reveni, that figure has increased to 12%."

Marta Meseguer

COO, Born Living Yoga


Repurchase ratio

"As we grew, so did our returns. As a result, we were often unable to offer a returns process that met our customers' expectations. With Reveni we have transformed a bad experience into an exceptional experience, having much more satisfied customers that we have managed to build loyalty."

Jorge Vidri

Co-founder, Pompeii Brand


Average purchases per customer


Repurchase ratio


Of sales equivalent generated

“Implementing Reveni significantly reduced manual operations associated with processing returns and refunds. Automation saves time and labour costs, allowing me and my team to focus on more value-added tasks.”

Agnese D.

Operations Director, Akala Studios

"With Reveni and its instant refund we offer a much simpler and faster process for domestic and international returns, reducing the noise generated in the customer service team with questions related to "where is my refund"."

Nico Soto

Ecommerce Manager, Edmmond Studios


Saved on return handling a month


Less time spent on returns

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