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How to turn your returns into a loyalty lever

This year, brands have a clear objective: to be profitable. Achieving this will not be easy, especially if they put all their attention on customer acquisition. Therefore, working on loyalty is going to be a priority for ecommerce companies that are committed to taking care of their customers and generating a loyal customer base.

Customer Services and the Post-Purchase Experience

In an entirely obvious starting sentence, 2024 has been hard for all departments within the majority of fashion brands. For most, margins and KPIs are stretched further than ever before, impacting ALL teams and whilst the horizon is starting to look somewhat more optimistic at a macro level, we’re now faced with customers who treat purchasing very differently than in the past, coupled with higher expectations post purchase.

4 keys to understand what's going to happen in the sportswear industry in 2024

The last few years have not been easy for the sportswear sector: Covid-19, supply chain problems, inflation, geopolitical uncertainty... But 2024 seems to be the turning point for an industry that, despite all of the above, continues to grow.

The Importance of the Post-Purchase Experience in 2024

Looking ahead in 2024, strategic plans to acquire new customers paired with exceptional and innovative post-sales interactions to retain these will be paramount to ensure long-term success for online brands. We sat down with Woolman, one of the largest Shopify Plus agencies in Europe and with Onepilot, a customer care outsourcing platform, to discuss the importance of the post-purchase experience in the current digital landscape.

5 keys to your reverse logistics that will help you retain customers this Black Friday

We have been talking for weeks about the peak season, the Black Friday and everything that starts during these days. And finally, it's here! We tell you everything you need to know so that your reverse logistics can be your best loyalty tool during these dates.

What's new in Reveni in November

One of the best strategies to encourage repeat purchases is to suggest products from your ecommerce to your customers. This is usually done when a purchase is completed, but imagine also doing it when your customers request a return or exchange. Getting them to buy again from your ecommerce is closer than ever.

Know your customers' reasons for returning and improve your purchasing process

We know that nobody likes returns. Neither the ecommerce, because of all the reverse logistics management involved; nor the customer, who wanted to enjoy their product and can't because they have to return it.

How to improve the visibility of your flexible Returns Policy

Now that you offer flexible returns and exchanges, communicate this to your customers by taking advantage of different sections of your ecommerce and different communication channels. In this post we tell you how you can do it.

What’s new in Reveni

If returns are a headache for you, why not bet on exchanges? Thanks to them you can stop managing different flows of each one and by automating your exchange process your customer will receive the product they want much sooner, enjoying a better experience. And what's more, if you can now also boost the recommendations of products that you want to highlight (or why not, liquidate), all the better. We tell you more.