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The State of Returns in 2024

If we talk about profitability in e-commerce, we must talk about customer loyalty. To achieve this, offering an optimized process for returns and exchanges is key. We discuss this in our second report on the State of Returns, where we highlight that the famous 'bracketing' is here to stay and that the important thing is to reward repeat customers, rather than focusing on charging for returns.

The Power of Reveni Unveiled

Did you know that optimising your returns and exchanges process can increase your repurchase rate by up to 35%? At Reveni we are convinced that returns and exchanges can become sales opportunities. And in this whitepaper we tell you about it.

The state of returns in 2023

Almost 91% of consumers say they would not buy from an ecommerce again if they had a bad experience when making a return. And how can this affect you? In your conversion rate and sales numbers. To find out more about what the ideal return and exchange process should be like, we asked brands and 3,000 end customers about all the key aspects related to the return policy in ecommerce.

Report Post-sales 2023

Have you ever thought that a flexible returns and exchanges policy can help you boost your sales? In this report we talk to leading ecommerce experts and many of the most relevant brands of the moment to give you 4 keys that will help you boost your post-sale experience and build customer loyalty.