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Morrison is much more than a footwear and clothing brand. It is an identity. From the beginning, they have committed to creating a community that is loyal to their values, vision, and products. To achieve this, they understand the importance of offering a transparent and efficient returns and exchanges experience.


Fede Sainz de Robles, CEO & Founder of Sepiia, explains how he has improved his returns and exchange operations thanks to Reveni, in addition to optimizing the daily work of his Customer Service team.


Flabelus' Ecommerce and Customer Service team explains how Reveni has helped them improve their operations and increase their repurchase rate by up to 13%.


Marta Meseguer, COO of Born Living Yoga, explains how by offering an agile returns process and promoting exchanges, they have managed to increase their customer base and boost their recurring purchases by 140%.


Lucía Suárez, Co-founder & Creative Director at Deluem, and Virginia, Marketing & Communications at the firm, tell us how activating Reveni has allowed them to optimise their daily returns work and encourage recurring sales from their clients.

Akala Studio

Agnese Diana, Logistic & Operations Manager, explains how Reveni has helped the company to reduce time and costs in the management of its returns thanks to automation. In addition, it has allowed them to offer a better customer experience, which is essential for the brand.


Eduardo Ferrandiz, VP of Operations at Singularu, tells us how automating their returns process has allowed them to manage this operation in a much more autonomous way thanks to the instantaneous return of the money.

Pompeii Brand

Jorge Vidri, Co-founder of Pompeii Brand, explains how Reveni has become the perfect fintech partner to offer instant refunds to its customers without taking any risk.