Activate Reveni in your ecommerce quickly and easily

Maximize your unit profitability by optimizing your reverse logistics.

Boost customer loyalty

Offer an exceptional post-sale experience and increase repeat purchases in your e-commerce.

Fewer returns, more exchanges

We can't eliminate returns, but we can turn them into exchanges thanks to the speed and efficiency of our process.

Make data-driven decisions

Use return and exchange data to make decisions about your production, logistics, and management to enhance your overall operations.

All your stock under control

We sync with your stock in real time to offer your customers the product they want when they request a return or exchange.

Your brand, your portal

Customize your returns portal as much as you want to tailor it to your brand.

We're here for you

You can count on our support team to help you with whatever you need, whenever you need it.


What is Reveni?

Reveni is a solution that helps ecommerce companies offer an exceptional experience in their returns and exchanges process thanks to instant refunds and exchanges.

How long does it take for a customer to receive their refund?

If they choose the instant refund option, the customer will have their money back in as little as 6 seconds.

How quickly can I activate Reveni?

The activation process is simple and quick, so you can start offering flexible returns and exchanges to your customers in just a few hours.

Can I tailor the returns portal to my brand?

Yes, you can customise various aspects to offer a look and feel totally in line with your brand image.

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