Hurley: instant refunds and exchanges for the best customer experience and growth across Europe

Hurley, the European leader in surf fashion and accessories, now offers flexible returns to its customers with Reveni. In order to improve their customer experience they decided to offer instant refunds and automate their returns process.

To find out more about the reasons behind Hurley's decision to automate its returns process in Europe, we spoke to Carlos Fernández Oriol, Head of Digital EMEA for the brand.

Before activating Reveni, what was your returns process like?

Our main market is Europe as a whole. Therefore, when it came to managing returns, we had a very traditional solution based on different hubs distributed throughout Europe. In these hubs, each of the returns received was reviewed and if everything was correct, a refund was issued, which reached the customer after a few days.

And what made you decide that a solution like Reveni was necessary for your operation?

For us, our customer's experience is very important. And we put all our efforts into improving it continuously, listening to their needs and implementing improvements, both in Spain, the UK and countries outside Europe. 

From this, we saw that the refund time had become one of the biggest pain points in our customer experience. At a time when our customers want everything instantly, they can't wait days to receive their refund. 

In addition to improving the customer experience, we were also aware that we needed a solution that would allow us to offer the option of in-store credit and exchange across Europe and especially in the UK.

We know that there are other solutions and portals that help automate the returns process, but what made you choose Reveni?

Reveni's solution directly addressed the pain point I mentioned earlier. From the moment we activated their solution, our customers' experience has improved considerably. We have reduced the time taken in the return process while enhancing instantaneous exchanges. 

Another positive point is that thanks to Reveni we have received very good feedback from our customers, which is very important to us. We want them to feel that they have been listened to and that we are implementing improvements to enhance their experience.

And besides automating your returns process, what other aspects do you think Reveni can help Hurley with?

In today's ecommerce context, loyalty and recurrence are more important than ever. Facilitating the option of instant returns and exchanges is definitely the perfect lever to boost recurrence.

Another key aspect, which coincides with what Jorge Vidri said in the Pompeii success story, is that for us having a partner like Reveni gives us the confidence we need when it comes to "money". Thanks to you we can offer instant reimbursement without us having to take any risk, which is essential for us. You have all the fintech know-how to have developed a risk model capable of detecting potentially fraudulent transactions. And for us, this security is of paramount importance.

And finally, something I have mentioned throughout the article but which I would like to emphasise once again. We know 100% that offering an instant returns and refunds solution like Reveni will allow us to offer a better post-sales experience to our customers. All ecommerce companies put a lot of focus on the website, the product we show, the checkout process... And it seems that once we have made the sale, we don't care about anything that happens to the customer. 

In our case it is not like that, we wanted to focus on that "what happens next", because surf lovers are customers who come back and come back again and again. And we want to be there for them when they need us, making all the processes easy for them.

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