What’s new in Reveni in August

Our widget is now live! Giving visibility to the flexibility you offer in your returns and exchange management is easier than ever. But that's not all, we've launched a lot more in the last few weeks.

At Reveni we don't stop! Not even in summer. We continue working to make our tool the leading solution for returns and exchange management. Do you want to know what we have launched in the last few weeks? Keep reading, I'll tell you.

News for your ecommerce

We already have a widget for your ecommerce!

If you have a deferred payment method in your ecommerce, surely you have activated a widget to give it visibility on your product page. This way, your customers are informed at all times that they can easily pay for their purchase in instalments. 

From now on, with Reveni you can also do the same, but for your returns and exchanges processes ;) Boost your sales by offering your customers all the information they need from the product page.

Reveni's widget
New "per item" pricing model for the different return methods

It is now possible to set a fixed price and a per-item surcharge for return methods, instead of simply an amount per returned item. This will help the ecommerce to set a cost that does not result in excessive fees when multiple items are returned, but covers the shipping cost when only one or two items are returned.

What's new in your Control Panel

Navigation between transactions

From now on, ecommerce merchants will be able to review transactions much more easily thanks to the new Previous/Next actions located in the header of each transaction detail page. In this way we avoid having to go back to the transaction list continuously to access consecutive transactions.

New "For review" status for transactions

We have a new non-final status for transactions: "For review". This status will allow merchants/logistics centers/3PL... to mark transactions for further review if necessary before marking them as Accepted or Declined.

If you are Shopify, this is of interest to you ;)

Payment for changes

From now on, whenever a change requires the customer to pay for something, we will be able to collect the payment and create the order automatically once everything is ready to ship the new items.

We are still working on more new features that will be coming in the next months!

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