What’s new in Reveni in July

When it comes to returns, information is power. From now on, your customers will be able to include more information about the reasons for their returns and exchanges to help you make better decisions about your operations.

Do you know why your customers return some of your items? Knowing the reasons why your customers request a return is essential to improve not only the operation of your ecommerce, but also to improve other key aspects that directly affect your conversion rate. 

If the most recurrent reason is that your customers have the wrong size... Perhaps you could add more information in your size guide? Or include a guide, if you don't have one. Or for example, explain in more detail the composition of your products, show videos with the garments in motion, etc. 

At Reveni we know how important it is to offer you all this information. Therefore, in addition to offering you different fully customisable reasons for your customers to choose why they are returning or requesting an exchange, from now on they will also be able to add more information and even upload a photograph illustrating the reason for the return.

As you might have guessed, the option to include images is especially relevant when products are damaged or defective. 

What's new in your Dashboard

We want to make it easy for you to manage your returns. That's why we've enabled a new transaction mode that will allow you to access the details of the return with a single click, from the name of the product, to the price and even the reason for the return.

And if that wasn't enough, our returns and exchanges process and our returns portal, in many more languages to help your ecommerce go much further.

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