What's new in Reveni in November

One of the best strategies to encourage repeat purchases is to suggest products from your ecommerce to your customers. This is usually done when a purchase is completed, but imagine also doing it when your customers request a return or exchange. Getting them to buy again from your ecommerce is closer than ever.

November is one of the most important months for ecommerce. With Black Friday in full swing, weeks before Christmas, sales just around the corner... And to help our customers increase their turnover in these weeks, we have launched important new features that we will tell you about.

What's new for your ecommerce

Recommend products to your customers once they have requested a return or exchange

In order to improve our customers' repurchase rate, we are launching this new feature that allows ecommerce to recommend products when customers have successfully made an instant return or instant mixed transaction request. 

This new feature of our solution allows us to further reinforce our mission by providing ecommerce with the resources they need in their returns and exchanges process to further improve their turnover. In this case, by improving their repurchase rate.

We improve the detail of return and exchange requests.

At Reveni we are continually striving to improve your returns and exchanges process, offering a simple and agile process for your customers and a dashboard that helps you as a merchant in your day-to-day work.

We now include summaries throughout the order process that will be updated on the fly as customers make new selections, so they know exactly what impact their choices will have on the order. 

We provide more information on the product change

Products listed in the application will now include an additional line with details of the product variant, to make it easier to understand which exact product it corresponds to.

What's new in your Control Panel

Extra Store Credit

Ecommerce merchants now have a new option when it comes to offering extra credit to customers who choose this refund method, in addition to the old options of adding an additional fixed amount or an additional percentage to the amount to be refunded. The new options allow merchants to cover the cost of the refund as extra shop credit. Therefore, whatever the cost of the return method selected, it will be added as extra shop credit, making the return free of charge for the customer.  

The customer will see that total as extra shop credit which will be added to their refund, thus negating the logistics cost.

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