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The Peak Season is here. And you can still improve your returns and exchanges processes.

Black Friday, Christmas, sales... The most important dates for many eCommerce are just around the corner and in this post we want to share with you 4 reasons why you should optimise your returns and exchanges process.

4 Key Highlights from the Post- Sales Report that every online merchant should bear in mind

Are returns a problem or an opportunity? Building customer loyalty has become a priority for ecommerce, and returns can be the perfect tool to achieve this.

What’s new in Reveni in August

Our widget is now live! Giving visibility to the flexibility you offer in your returns and exchange management is easier than ever. But that's not all, we've launched a lot more in the last few weeks.

6 keys to creating the perfect return policy

Admittedly, the Returns Policy section is one of the pages that can often be neglected by the brand itself you know that this is directly impacting conversion rates and therefore losing you sales? If you want to remedy it, we will tell you about it.

What’s new in Reveni in July

When it comes to returns, information is power. From now on, your customers will be able to include more information about the reasons for their returns and exchanges to help you make better decisions about your operations.

How to boost your sales and reduce your return rate thanks to instant exchanges and refunds.

For most ecommerce companies, returns are a real problem. They complicate your operations and the so-called (and sometimes dreaded) reverse logistics. But... What if we told you could start seeing them as an opportunity?

Hurley: instant refunds and exchanges for the best customer experience and growth across Europe

Hurley, the European leader in surf fashion and accessories, now offers flexible returns to its customers with Reveni. In order to improve their customer experience they decided to offer instant refunds and automate their returns process.

Vervaunt Pulse Ecommerce Summit

There are many issues that concern ecommerce today, but some stand out above others: returns, logistics and how to boost customer loyalty to turn them into repeat customers. All of these topics were discussed at the Vervaunt Pulse Ecommerce Summit, where we were a sponsor.

What’s new at Reveni in June

What's happened at Reveni in the last 30 days? We continue to improve our returns process so that your customers enjoy the best post-sales experience and the portal so that you can manage more efficiently and the operations to continue streamlining your day-to-day business.